Punishing Kids

By Poppy Josef

Introducing the cane

These days most punishments are very simple, usually when children are naughty they just get sent to the corner or even get a strike against their name, but back before the 20th century things were different.

Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment is a way of telling kids off by hitting them usually on either their bottom, hands or legs. Back in the day, punishments were much more harsh than they are now. When children got into trouble they'd be hit with the cane or sent to the naughty corner. However things these days are a little different.

Child Rights

Corporal Punishment is still legal in some parts of Australia, it's hard to find any schools that still use it. Megan Mitchell, is Australia's Commissioner for Children and she said that it shouldn't be legal because it ignores child rights. It may teach children discipline but kids do have rights, like speaking their mind there is no law to follow against that. Also kids have the right to be treated with respect no matter how young or old they are.


A lot of kids feel that if they took work with them to the corner it would be more effective because you wouldn't be distracted by your surroundings and you could focus, unfortunately it doesn't work exactly like that. The real meaning of the naughty corner is to send kids in trouble away from the rest of the class so they can think about what thay have done.


Many People act differently about the hitting with the cane or the whole idea of being sent to the corner. So maybe if we respect kids they will make they behaviour less harsh.