From the Yertle to Bashar al-Assad

The comparison of the king Yertle to Bashar al-Assad

Yertle the turtle was a story about one person with power who lost control and became a dictator who wanted to rule all. Reading the story, you can make an easy comparison towards other dictators in the world like Bashar AL-Assad. Making this comparison will help us see how much of a connection the author makes towards real life.

Bashar al-Assad and Yertle The Turtle.

Bashar al-Assad is a dictator thats accused of massive genocide and illegal use of chemical weapons on his own people which breaks international law. Bashar al-Assad affected his country by drastically dropping the population by thousands and leaving his people in fear. Yertle may not have done genocide but him and Bashar al-Assad didn't care how many innocent people got hurt, they only cared about the power they gained. Yertle said in the story, "SILENCE! I'm the king and you're only a turtle named Mack." To enforce his power on his people.

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