The Rocky Write-Up

Mrs. Smith's 4th Grade Class News

A Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the rocky write-up! This is Mrs.Smith's 4th grade classrooms news. This year a group of class news reporters will work on the Rocky Write-Up, and Mrs. Smith will print out the news. Thanks for reading the Rocky Write-Up at Rocky Run!

-Sebastian Rao

Hanukkah by Sebastian Rao

Hanukkah is a holiday sometimes called the festival of lights, it lasts 8 nights and people light 8 candles on a menorah. A menorah is a candle holder with 9 candles every night you would light another candle till all the candles are lit. They do 8 nights because when the Hasmonean overpowered the greeks they only found in their temple enough oil to light the candles for one day but the miracle was it lasted 8 days.

Playing dreidel is an old game that they played when the other people of the other religion were around when they were practicing their religion they quickly got out the dreidel and started playing a game.

"The Road Chip" by Alexa Kaley

The new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, The Road Chip, will be a very amusing, funny, and interesting movie to see. In the movie, there is a big party that the Chipmunks crash with dancing, singing, and many other hilarious things. Alvin like always is getting into mischief, while Simon is trying to give him facts to try and get him to change his mind, and Theodore, well he is trying to make everything more amusing by dancing, singing, and doing other funny things. Dave, in the movie is trying to prevent these crazy chipmunks (especially Alvin) from getting into mischief. In the movie Dave is planning on proposing to his girlfriend, so the chipmunks plan to travel to Miami to cause even more trouble by trying to stop Dave’s proposal. Go to the theaters over break to see The Road Chip for the dancing, troublemaking fun for everyone movie. Rated PG

A Chat with Mr. Roman by Matthew Johannes

Question #1. What do you like about being a principal?

He likes to work with others to improve learning and to make school a better place to learn and work.

Question #2. Do you like planning fun activities for us?

Of course! I want to make learning, engaging, and rewarding fun.

Question #3. What after school PTO activities do you like the best?

I love the Monster Mash and Movie Nights the best.