What a little birdie told us

Fall is in the air!

Take a big sniff...ahhhhh. Smell that? That my friends is fall. The leaves are already beginning to change up here in northwest Ohio. How about where you are? Any signs of fall?

Orientations are finished, SLO's are done, the Online Learning Course complete, and Scantrons are on the done list until May, so now what? {uhem...they are all done right.}
It's time to get a routine established! This is a simple way to help you be successful this year.
  • Wake up the same time every day.
  • Each morning check your Class Connect schedule.
  • Check your kmail first thing and later in the afternoon.
  • Check those announcements!!! Your teachers tell you so much information in those!
  • Write down your attendance time as you work and remind your Learning Coach to enter it at the end of the day.



Day 1 Orientation

Day 2 Orientation

Day 3 Orientation

To view orientation in separate window, RIGHT CLICK on hyperlink and select "open in new window"

Learning Coach Orientation Recorded Links

Day 1 Learning Coach Orientation

Day 2 Learning Coach Orientation

To view orientation in separate window, RIGHT CLICK on hyperlink and select "open in new window"

Student(s) Spotlight of the week.....

Kmail us and let us know what you are up to....what is going on that you want to share with your classmates? Have you written a poem, taken a picture, painted/drawn a picture, participated in a sport or club, community theater? Let us know! Kmail a picture or tell your advisor what you are doing? We will try to share as many students as possible!

OHVA Event Highlights

Snow Trails Ski/Board Club Group Passes

Wednesday, Sep. 11th 2013 at 8am

This is an online event.

CLICK HERE for more information!

Online Handbook Highlights 2013-2014

Friday, Sep. 13th 2013 at 12pm

This is an online event.

Join together to review updates to the OHVA Parent Handbook for 2013-2014.

*Internet Reimbursement Policy

*Staff Updates

*Reminders on Student Code of Conduct

*Updated Face to Face information

*Class Connect - Synchronous/Asynchronous Learners

*Study Island and Scantron


*National Math Lab

Click here to join the session:

How to record Face to Face events

Use this link to record your student's attendance from an OHVA event.

Don't forget to mark the time at a Face-to-Face event in your weekly attendance log!

We want to hear from YOU!!!!

Many of you answered our survey of what R.T.Q. stands for! Some of the replies were very creative:

  • Ready to Quote
  • Roll the Quail
  • Rock the Questions
and the many, many correct submissions:

Thank you for your participation! Look for a new survey next week!

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