Help save water with the use of your home!


Today, water takes up 70 percent of earth. In a couple of years or decades that number might drop increasingly. Only 2 percent of that water is fresh water for people to drink. We want to help save or replenish as much water as we can. Our bodies need water, we can not work and function properly without it. So, Who is with me to help save water!!

Like the olden days

Cut back on the water bottles

Everyone uses water bottles on a day to day basis. Do you know how much harm you are doing to YOUR planet. YOU are causing the harm and endangering the environment with what you need to live. In our homes, we have refrigerators and sinks that water comes pouring out of with a slight push of a handle, well things should start to change. Limit how much water you use to wash the dishes. Fill up the sink and use just that amount of water to clean the dishes, instead of keep turning on and off the water or letting it run. Because we all know we do it, just don't want to admit it. Cut back on water bottles. Plastic is so bad for the environment and not to mention how they make it, is awful to. Try to use glass cups and drink out of them, and if you need to take water on the go, there is much more out than to take the water in. A glass that comes with a lid, a Styrofoam cup. If you want to help, I know you can come up with ways! If we can save the trees, we can save the water!