Executive Branch

Chloe Stevens and Liam Mcguinness

Federal Executive Branch

The president holds the Executive power.

This is currently Obama.

This position enforces laws.

The president is the chief executive, head of state, chief legislator, economic planner, chief diplomat, commander in chief, and party leader.

The major department that are in the presidents cabinet includes

  • Secretaries of Agriculture
  • Commerce
  • Defense
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Health and Human Services
  • Homeland Security
  • Housing and Urban Development
  • Interior
  • Labor
  • State
  • Transportation
  • Treasury
  • Veteran Affairs
  • Attorney General

Maryland Executive Branch

The governor holds the Maryland executive power. This is currently Larry Hogan.

The function is to enforce state laws.

The roles include executive orders, inaugural addresses, speeches, and state of the addresses.

The major departments include

  • Aging
  • Agriculture
  • Budget&management
  • Commerce
  • Disabilities
  • Education
  • Environment
  • General Services
  • Heath&mental hygiene
  • Housing&community
  • Human Recourses
  • Information Technology
  • Juvenile Services
  • Labor, licencing, regulation
  • Natural Resources
  • Planning
  • Public safety and correctional service
  • Sate police
  • Transportation
  • Veteran affairs
The Federal and State Executive Branches are similar because they both have departments, the both enforce laws.