Bull Rider

Suzanne Morgan Williams


In this realistic- fiction novel, at the O'Mara family ranch in Nevada the family tradition is Bull Riding. It's in there blood, but Cam begs to differ on his blood type. Cam would much rather grind a rail with his skateboard than hop on the back of a bull. That is until his brother is severely wounded in the Iraq war. Ben is a rodeo champion across Nevada so Cam turns to his family traditions and in particular bull riding to overcome his grief and to give his brother hope for a new life. Ben needs an expensive surgery but the O'Mara's aren't on the high side of money. Cam wants to take the "Ugly Challenge" to pay for his beloved brothers surgery, but he's to young, he could get injured, or worse, but that won't stop Cam. Can he get in? Will he do it? Will he even make it out alive? Find out by reading "Bull Rider".


This first novel makes the sports details of skateboarding and bull-riding part of the powerful contemporary story of family, community, and work – Booklist

The book isn’t overtly anti- or pro-war so much as pro the people who are struggling with this difficult change in their lives. This is therefore a gripping read for fans of family dramas, and it’s certainly high time that this aspect of the war’s consequences received a sensitive and compelling exploration. - The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

Bull Rider, vividly captures life on a modern Nevada ranch. . . .(it) is the story of real people, in real situations, that will ring true even if readers have never seen a salt lick, a chute, or the open range. - Ellen Fockler, library coordinator, Washoe County School District, Reno, NV

Suzanne Morgan Williams’ spare, straightforward prose lets the O’Maras speak their piece on war and sacrifice, family loyalty and courage, and reveals what it means to live in the heart of the modern West. –Terri Farley, author of the Phantom Stallion series


Some of my highlights of this book are how much detail goes into the action of bull riding. You almost feel like your on the bull with Cam, experiencing it for yourself.

I also enjoyed the emotion in the book. Eyes get watered by the luck of poor poor Cam