Life qoutes

Part of Growing up

♥ strength

Life is very interesting.
In the end some of
your greatest pains
your greatest
- Drew Barrymore

♥ Courage

It takes courage growing up and
become who you
really are.

♥ maturing

You know your growing up when they stop
asking you where they came from and refuse
to tell you where they're going .
- P.J.O Rourke

♥ success

Life is like a trumpet
-if you don't put
anything into it,
you don't get
anything out of it.
-William Christoper Handy

♥ thematic statment :

Life can be what you decide it to be ; depending on how you want it to be or become.

♥ How it connects with me...

My life quotes that i chose ; connects to me because its a growing process
just like a tree. In years im still growing , learning new things and maturing .
Life is getting harder and trying to work hard enough to get to know who i
am in my future.