Andrew Jackson

zero of the common man

Indian removal

I think this was wrong because, the Indians weren't bothering anyone or doing anything to harm america or it's land. so why can't we just let them live peacefully? The Trail of Tears killed many of the Indians that didn't deserve to die. Because we found gold on their land we kicked them off. It was their land first so we shouldn't be able to take that away from them.

The spoils system

The spoils is the system in which political supporters of Jackson are rewarded with a job in public office. I think the spoils system is very wrong. this is because, giving a job to someone for public office who has never experienced government before, can ruin the whole political system. Soon enough, people will over use their power because they don't know how the government system works and the economy could go up in flames if they don't know how to keep a stable one.

The Nullification Crisis

The Nullification Crisis is when there were tariffs added to imported goods and South Carolina refused to pay them. They said that if the tariffs were not taken away, they would secede from the union. I think this makes Andrew Jackson a zero because he added taxes to imported good that South Carolina needed. They were in the South so the depended on industry. These taxes made it almost impossible to get anything from foreign countries, and the american made good were too expensive as well. by adding tariffs, Jackson pretty much took their way of life from him just like he did with the Indians.

A tyrany it is

This political cartoon is showing what people thin about Andrew Jackson. The author of this photo thinks of him as a tyrant. He believes Andrew Jackson over used or abused his power. THis painting also depicts the fact that Jackson had no respect for the US. He is stomping on the US constitution and ripped it. This photo relates to King George the 3rd. He also abused his power and was a tyrant.

Age of Jackson: Crash Course US History #14