Mason Jars

By Kira Noblezada 4A

Mason Jars

1795 - Napoleon Bonaparte said he would give a reward to someone who created a new way to preserve food. The reason he wanted this was because he needed a way to preserve food for a long period of time for soldiers traveling and in battle. Not only did this help the soldiers, but it helped other people to preserve their food as well.

1858 - John Mason created and patented his design for the first "Mason Jar." This helped people everywhere. Whether it was soldiers storing their food or people preserving their food and making their food.

1869 - John Mason adds a rubber seal to his design and it is being used more widely across the world. This made the jar more effective and work better.

1879 - John Mason's patent expires and other companies, such as Ball, create their own improved versions of the jar.

1886 - Ball's idea succeeds and Mason Jars soon start to be called Ball jars, too.

1887 to Now - Regular people like you and me use Mason Jars in brand new ways that John Mason never would've expected for his invention!

How does it work?

This product works with three pieces. The first piece is the jar itself. This is made of glass just like any jar but the lid is what makes this jar different. There are the screw and the lid parts. The lid is a small round circle that covers the mouth of the jar. The screw seals the jar so the perfect amount of air stays in and the extra air is removed.
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John Landis Mason

Life Without this Invention

Without this invention, it would be hard for many people who still live in the "traditional" lifestyle. People who make their own food and clothes may not have the same resources that they do today.