By:Talayah Goss


Protist are unicellular cells that live in wet/moist climates.In my smore I'm gonna tell you about 4 common protist.Im gonna tell you how they get food,how they move,how they reproduce, and how does it respond.


All euglena's have chlorplast, and can also make there own food by using photosynthesis.The only time it don't use photosynthesis is when there is no light,because then it would go around and absorb nutrients through out the cell wall. To me there more plant like because they use photosynthesis just like plants do.They move around by a whip-like structure called flagellum.The flagellum twirls in some type of way,and pulls the cell through water.It reproduces by it would get to a certain size,then it would split in half to make another cell.This whole process is called mitosis.The unique thing about is that it has an eyespot.The eyespot helps the cell sense light,so it can do photosynthesis.That is how it responds to it's surroundings.
Big image
Euglena viridis - BF, DIC microscope 400x


The amoeba is the greek word amoibe,that means change.The amoeba gets it food by surrouding tiny particles of food by using pseudopods.Pseudopods is basically an extended cytoplasm.This cell is a shape shifter.It moves by changing the shape of there body, to get places.This cell has asexually binary fission. In this process the amoeba goes throughout this division,where there nucleus (DNA) make more genes,and there cytoplasm splits in to 2 new daughter cells.It responds by turning into cyst.When they are in bad conditions because they need water, they would roll up in to a ball and stay there till they have enough water.Then once they have enough water they would unroll.
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Amoeba on microscope slide


Paramecium live in quiet or stagnant ponds.To move this cell uses a thing called cilia.Cilia is like little hairs surrounding the cell.So the hairs sweep back in fourth to move.They also use cilia to get food too.The cilia sweeps up food and water for the cell.Paramecium have a sexual and asexual reproduction.It responds to its surroundings by shooting tricocyst to its enemy.The other cells would try to eat it so it shoots tricocyst to make it self look bigger so the other cells would go away.
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Paramecium close up (organelles, vacuoules, cilia can be seen)


The volvox is an hollow ball with 500 to 20,000 individual cells in it.To eat the volvox uses photosynthesis.The volvox has 2 flagella's.To move the flagella's beats together to roll the ball through water.It reproduces by bursting open and then it releases daughter colonies.It responds by living in colonies.
Big image
Volvox close up - Flagella movement

The Ending

I hope this smore helped and was very useful to you.

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