My Family History

Ms. Stacey

My Family

My family is small.

There are eight people and one dog in my family.

I have a grandma, mom, dad, and younger sister. My brother is married. He and his wife have a new baby named Hadley.

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Me, Andrea and Grandma

My grandma is very important to my family. My sister, Andrea, and I like to spend lots of time with her. She tells us interesting stories about the past and about the family who lived before we were born.

Food and Activities

We love to eat!

We love to eat different foods from different countries.

My mom enjoys trying new recipes so we eat many types of foods.

My dad's family is Ukrainian and we eat traditional foods like perogies and cabbage rolls.

This photo is of perogies and onions. Perogies are pockets of dough that usually have potato and cheese inside. They are so delicious!

( by bitmask)

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Where My Family Lives

My family lives in Canada where there are four seasons. The seasons are spring, summer, fall and winter.

In the winter, it is very, very, very cold and we must dress warmly when we go outside. We like to skate, ski and build snowmen in the snow.

In the summer, the weather is sunny and warm, but sometimes you need to wear a jacket at night. We like to swim, ride in the boat and walk outside in the sunshine.

This photo shows winter in Canada and some of the clothes people wear to stay warm. ( by University of Saskatchewan)

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