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P.S. 88Q The Seneca School

Our Mission @ PS 88Q

The PS 88 mission is to prepare all students to reach their full potential as life-long learners, as well as socially responsible contributors to our global community. We will achieve this by fostering critical and creative thinking and collaborative problem solving through a robust curriculum delivered by engaging and dedicated educators.

We are committed to maintaining an environment that supports inquiry and academic excellence, emotional and physical well-being, appreciation of the arts and diverse cultures, integrity and ethical behavior.

Our Kindergarten Guiding Principles

Kindergarten may be a continuation of your child's early childhood experience, or their first step into life long learning. It is a wondrous place, where it truly marks the beginning of their learning journey. We feel it is the foundation, and like all foundations, it must provide enormous support. This support comes in our guiding principles:

  • Communication and language development. ...
  • Physical development. ...
  • Personal, social, and emotional development. ...
  • Literacy development. ...
  • Mathematics. ...
  • Understanding the world. ...
  • Expressive arts and design..

Each day, our students are exposed, involved and initiating these guiding principles through authentic learning. Kindergarten students learn based on both Next Generation Learning Standards and Developmental Stages. Click on our links and videos to see us in action!

What Does A Day In Kindergarten Look Like?

The 2020-2021 school year may be different, but we have not changed what we believe. Kindergarten students, both in person, blended or remote only receive the same instruction by our team of kindergarten teachers. A day in the life of our kindergarten rock stars looks like this!

  • Arrival and Breakfast (each child receives breakfast daily in person)
  • Social Emotional Learning: While the children enjoy a family style breakfast, they engage in SEL. We have implemented the Sanford Harmony Curriculum, and our amazing S.M.I.L.E. team has created such important lessons during this time. https://www.harmonysel.org/
  • Literacy Development:
  1. Our teachers use a Fundations to introduce students to phonics and phonemic awareness. Letter and sound recognition, encoding and decoding words are the foundation for reading https://www.wilsonlanguage.com/programs/fundations/
  2. Our teachers use a Shared Reading Model to introduce students to vocabulary, comprehension and fluency https://members.readingandwritingproject.org/about/research-base
  3. Our teachers use Teacher College Writing Worshop Model to introduce students to writing.
  4. Instruction is through learning centers which are differentiated and hands on.

  • Mathematics Development: Our teachers use Envisions as our curriculum, and are guided by the Next Generation Standards to create math centers. Instruction is through learning centers which are differentiated and hands on.https://media.pk12ls.com/curriculum/math/ap/v1/Grade_K_LUO863K.html
  • Social Studies and Science are introduced through literacy, real world connections and hands on experiments
  • Music /PE: Student receive music instruction from Mr. Dumont and PE from Mr. Tripoteris and Ms. Corniel
  • S.O.A.R. Groups: Small, explicit instructional groups based on students specific needs 9data based) which rotate on six week cycles to minimize learning loss (due to blended/remote/gap in instruction)
  • SEL Closing/Dismissal: All students meet at the end of the day to wrap up the day.
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How Do I Apply For Kindergarten

The New York City Department of Education has implemented a Kindergarten registration application online. Families can apply to multiple programs, which are previewed in the directory of programs. Registration ends January 19th. Click here to find all resources to apply to Kindergarten https://www.schools.nyc.gov/enrollment/enroll-grade-by-grade/kindergarten. If you have any questions, please reach out to MRamos71@schools.nyc.gov as Ms. Ramos, our amazing parent coordinator will help you.

What Is The Application Process For Students With Disabilities?

Applying to Kindergarten? Welcome!

Our Amazing Kindergarten Team

Our Kindergarten Team

Ms. Cathy Marano

Ms. Khanna Prahtiba

Ms. Tina Becker

Ms. Melissa Agostino

Ms. Felicia Brodsky

Ms. Amy Ciminelli

Ms. Gina Prinzevalli

Ms. Lauren Gibbons

Ms. Michelle Sharabi

Ms. Tiffany DeMarco

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