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RHMS's STEM program is now the RHMS STEAM program. Why? We've rebranded to better reflect what our program offers. The arts have always been a part of our program, but we want to make it clear through our name that the arts are just as critical as science, technology, engineering, and math. We will not be changing what we do, how we do it, or the classes we offer. RHMS wanted parents and the community to know that the arts are front and center along with everything else as an integral part of what we do, kids do, and a part of our everyday lives. Art takes a variety of forms, whether it's the design of an ROV, a 3D printed model, the design of an invention, how information is presented, the videos we create or watch, and everything else we interact with.

Check out this great example of STEAM in action this year!


STEAM Summer Reading

Summer reading is an opportunity for our STEAM students to maintain skills and build interest in our program. We encourage all STEAM students to read the summer reading novel AND complete the summer reading project. The summer reading project can also be used as a summative replacement grade in the 21/22 school year. Excerpts from the novels will be used in classroom discussions and projects in the fall.

RHMS STEAM Summer Reading Website


STEAM Competition ELT Registration

STEAM competitions are a required part of the program and we're excited to be able to offer a greater variety of programs next year. From building underwater robots, flying drones, creating podcasts, works of art, solar energy, electric cars to build and race against other schools, and everything in between there are a lot of options available for students. Please complete the registration for this class by picking your top 5 choices, please be sure to only fill out this form once and do not select the same competition 5 times. You can learn more about the competitions we offer by clicking HERE.

STEAM Competition Survey HERE


What's new on our campus?

RHMS New Wing:

  • Flexible lab space connected to 4 classrooms
  • 3D printer room added to Mr. Moore's classroom
  • Fabrication room with a laser cutter, CNC machine, saws, and other tools
  • Students have the ability to design, construct, test, and analyze in the same space

Aquaponics Greenhouse:

  • 24 feet wide by 48 feet long
  • Aquaponics with a focus on growing food for the school and community
  • Capable of producing thousands of heads of lettuce and pounds of fish each year
  • Opportunity for students to operate a business and philanthropy


RHMS STEAM Starter Pack

Big picture
Big picture


Parent Involvement

The STEAM program is centered in the community and our student's benefit from the real world experiences and support you all provide. Many parents and their businesses this year have already helped as community experts, judges, sponsors, volunteers on special projects, and advocates for the program. We ask that every parent please take a moment to fill out the short parent involvement survey so we can best communicate with you and find new ways to enhance the learning experience for our students.

Click HERE for the survey.


20/21 RHMS STEM Highlights

Samsung Solve For Tomorrow Competition

Congratulations to Ms. Collins class for making it to the national semi-finals in the Samsung Solve For Tomorrow Competition and earning the school a $15,000 Samsung technology grant. Check out their submission detailing their project the VIEW! Great job to the team and we look forward to the amazing projects that come out for next year's competition.

Mrs. Avant Receives Georgia STEM Scholar Award

Coastal Electric Bright Ideas Grants

STEAM Program teachers Ms. Boland and Ms. Esquivel were awarded two Bright Ideas Grants. Ms. Boland will be bringing a project involving math, scaling, space, and 3D printing to students. Ms. Esquivel will be creating an Augmented Reality Sandbox for students to run simulations to study the relationships between topography, civil engineering, and flooding.
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Steve Spangler's Message

Steve Spangler opened our 2021 virtual parent night.
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3D Printed Rovers

6th grade STEAM students enjoyed incorporating math and science standards to design and 3d print rovers. Students were able to research the different types of missions for which NASA develops rovers. Students researched the sizes and used ratios and scale factors to design their own rover for a imagined space mission. Students were even able to Google chat with a NASA expert. Students ended this project by being able to take home their 3d printed rover!