Dragster Results

Sydney Kraning

What is Speed?

Speed is rapid movement or actions.

What factors in the design of a car have an effect on speed?

Some of the factors in my design that effect speed are the curved nose at the front of the car and the curved back to make the wind glide over the top while racing instead of pushing against the car and slowing it down. The weight of my car also effects my speed, my car is light and allows more speed.

How does modeling and prototyping help with the development of products?

Modeling and prototyping helps with the development of products by giving you a better overlook of what you are about to work on, it also gives the dimensions and helps you when working with wood because you can trace the paper and get an exact cut.

What factors are important for a successful launch of your car?

The important factors of a successful launch of your car are making sure that your car is lightweight, the launch hole is centered, and good dragster dynamics.

What are the best features of your car?

The best features of my car i'd say are the curved nose and lightness to it.

Is there anything about your car that will negatively affect its performance?

I do not believe that there is anything that would negatively affect my car's performance; not anything that I can think of anyways.

How many mph do you think your car will go?

I think my car went maybe 15 mph.

What turned out well?

One thing that turned out well was that my car went really fast and I beat most of my rivals but got beat in the 3rd round

What did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed making the cars the most

What could be better? What would you improve or do differently next time?

One thing I thought could be better was maybe a simpler way to build our cars online and not use so much time on that.

What was your least favorite part?

Making them online