Survival Guide

for The Cold Pole - Verkhoyansk, Russia

Location, climate, and geography

The Cold Pole is in the continent of Asia. It has a temperature of -68 degrees Celsius ( -90 degrees Fahrenheit). The Cold Pole climate is polar. Its geography is a cold, dry climate and little rainfall or snowfall

Steps for survival

1. look for something to make shelter with

2.find supplies from the plane

3. try to start a fire and send up a smoke signal

4. try to make something warm from outside the plane

The Cold Pole Plant and Animal Life

Animal Life

There are many animals in The Cold Pole, but I chose only three. One of the animals is a reindeer. Reindeer are good for there meat, and there fur, but you have to be careful because it could be dangeres and might be able to spread sickness.The to other animals are wolves, and polar bears.

Plant Life

There are many plants in The Cold Pole. One of is called the Silene Stenophylla. This plant is a very rare plant. It might be edible, but it so rare that it will be impossible to find. This plant is not harmful and not Possession. The other to plants/trees is the Siberian Pine, and the Siberian Ceder.Which will be good for making shelter.