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Earthquake PBL

The project was about making a house for Tony Stark that can with stand an earthquake. The driving question was, " How can we, as structual engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark, that will withstand seismic activity?" My teams design was a regular house. Square base and triangle roof. We used many materials to keep it still and it stood up! It was a fun activity. The main point I learned doing this project was reducing materials I use and how to use them correctly.

Invention Convention

The problem I am sllving for my invention is reduce water usage and electricity. When it rains, it collects the water in the barrel and saves the water. Then, when it's a hot day, you reuse the water rain water to water the plants to save droughts happening.

30 Hands Project

I learned how to stop global warming from happening. I enjoyed creating everything. I got to make everything that I wanted it to show and it was fun. It was really cool to learn about it.