Hard Drive

Katie Mygind

hard drives

The hard drive is the computer's main storage media device that permanently stores all data on the computer. The hard drive was first introduced on September 13, 1956 and consists of one or more hard drives inside of air sealed casing. Most computer hard drives are in an internal drive bay at the front of the computer and connect to the motherboard and power cable

What is a hard drive?

If you have a computer, you have an internal hard drive inside the computer.

there are also external hard drives that allow you to store your files (texts, images, videos, software, etc) and then carry them with you and connect them to other computers.

External hard drives have two sizes: small and large.
small ones have only one cable but are slower for videos.
bigger ones are faster and allow you to store more files but need to be connected to the mains and the computer.
Inside of Hard Drive