About Oman




Flag:Colors of the flag are symbolic, with green representing fertility; white represents peace, and this shade of red is common on many regional flags. The national emblem, a (Khanjar Dagger), is displayed upper-left. The dagger and its sheath are superimposed on two crossed swords in scabbards.


  • It is located in Asia and by the country's of United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.
  • Major landforms are the Hajar mountians and the famous landmark Muscat Gate Museum
  • The Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea
  • Oman's environment is that they pollute a lot because they have fuel in
    their country, and they manufacture fuel. This also affect the people, because the environment is bad,
    the air is dirty for the people to breathe in a lot.


  • The type government is a monarchy
  • The leader is Qaboos Bin Said Al Said
  • The leader is chosen by a royal blood line