9 Basic Steps of the Justice System

By: Kolton Schlichting


The crime was committed

Investigation and Arrest or Citation

Depending on the crime the police may give you a warrant or they may arrest you.
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Initial Appearance

Bail is set at this court appearance. Occurs within 24 hours

Preliminary Hearing or Trial Information

To see if there is sufficent evidence to support the charges against the defendant
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Arangement and Plea

The arraignment of the trial and weather or not the crime needs a trial. The right to a speedy trial.
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Discovery and Plea Negotiations

If victim is not guilty, then the defense attorney has the right to discover the State's evidence in the case.
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If plea negotions do not go well, then case goes to trail. Once jury is decided the trial occurs.

  • Opening Statements (State's and then the Defense's)
  • State's Witnesses and Evidence
  • Defense's Witnesses and Evidence
  • Closing Arguments
  • Court's Instructions to the Jury
  • Jury's Deliberation and Verdict

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The decision made on the trial by the jury or judge. Some crimes result in fines, probation, jail time, or death penalty.
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In some situations or cases the victim has the right to appeal after sentencing. If they do not appeal then most likely they go to jail or they server their punishment.
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