Find your island get away.

Come feel the vibe of Jamaica.

Jamaica, I'm sure you have heard the name before from some friend or relative that has visited the beautiful island. Almost all who have visited swear by it, the others must have just been crazy. Jamaica is a wonderful place with 4,420 square miles of island the discoveries and adventures are endless. Don't worry the majority language is English (with some accent and slang) this county is not one far from America, despite the differences in people and culture Jamaica has laws and government just like back home.

The People, Culture, & Vibe.

With Jamaica's roughly 2 million plus population you will meet a wide variety of characters. The art and music that is created by the people of Jamaica is like no other. Walking the street and hearing reggae music made from simply tins and garbage found on the side of the road and art painted on any place an artist could find as a fit canvas shows the real culture of this beautifully diverse place. Jamaica declared independence from the United Kingdom in August of 1962 and the do not hide where they came from, some of the buildings that still stand today are original works of art by the first colonists to inhabit Jamaica. By far Jamaica shows its true way of lifestyle all over, that's why their island motto is "Out of many, One People".

South of the Hemisphere Weather.

The term its never too hot is something the Jamaican people could agree with, the weather there is great. Only a handful of nights that coul be consdere chilly.

This little nations economy.

This nation is currently in a growing economy state, with a GDP of $5,657 per capita in 2012 this little island is slowly growing into a new big thing. The new resorts and growing population this place is becoming a hot spot for vacation and retirement (without the bore of a Florida like scene). The Jungle, mountains, and beaches make up over half the island so that means the possibilities of entertainment are endless. Ziplining through the jungle or finding a relaxing place to hangout and tan on the beach, even the night life and endless beach parties will show anyone a good time.