Weekly Update

Miss Hoppes' Kindergarten

September 2nd through September 6th

Hello Friends! While it may be still rather warm outside, we have been discussing Autumn and all of it's wonderful aspects this past week in Kindergarten. Today, the students created beautiful sunset tree silhouettes using chalk. The artist that we studied is named Debbie Littledeer and she has created similar pieces of art. The paintings will be hanging outside of the classroom for the next few weeks. Next week we will begin discussing Johnny Appleseed and learning how apples grow, the various ways they are used and we will be making out own applesauce! In math, we have been focusing on creating patterns. Yesterday, the students made apple patterns with two and three colors and we will begin making patterns with size next week. The students are really excelling with learning new sight words and vocabulary words! It is so exciting to hear them stretch and snap new words and to be able to define and correctly use vocabulary words. Here is an updated vocabulary word list: almost, crafts, excited, fancy, glance, lonely, leash, pack, practice, photo, snapped, supplies, suddenly, settling, twirl, treasures. Remember, if your child sees any of these words, just send me a quick email describing the conversation or setting. Thanks again for doing this! Our current sight word list is: as, am, an, a, can, day, for, go, I, is, in, if, of, to, the, today.

Thank you for checking the agenda and green folder every day for behavior reports and papers from school. The homework that was turned in today was fabulous!! Thank you for completing this first assignment with your child.

Have a lovely weekend!