AVID Update

Fall 2022

Beginning of the 2022-2023 School Year

Welcome Back to the 2022-2023 School year! Our AVID year actually started up in the Summer when some members of the AVID site team went to the annual AVID Summer Institute conference in San Diego. During the Institute the group planned out many things to make this school year the best possible for our AVID students.

Already this school year we have taken some College field trips (see pictures below), we had a presentation at Open House, we've had many guest speakers, and our new freshmen are learning the importance of note-taking and organization. Also, this year for the first time, we have some experienced AVID freshmen who were in AVID in 8th grade, as Holmes started their own AVID program last year. This has been a nice head start for them.

Also, we have a new great group of AVID ambassadors that are learning leadership skills and are helping lead the program. There will be a lot more fun still to come in AVID this year.

Field Trip Fun

AVID Ambassadors

We have a group of AVID Juniors and Seniors that are our AVID ambassadors. They volunteer to do a variety of things. Recently they went to Sunrise Lake for some leadership training. They did a great job.

Guest speakers

We've already had a bunch of guest speakers this year giving some great inspirational advice. They included: Dr. Bradford Hubbard (our Principal), Mrs. Angela Hawkins (Our Associate Principal and AVID administrator), Emily Ibarra (former AVID student. Picture below), Anna Emery (former AVID student), and Wheeling teachers, Mrs. Castro, Mrs. Hoffman, and Mrs. Hernandez.
Big picture

Senior AVID work

One of the benefits we always tell our AVID students is that when they are Seniors they will get lots of help in their AVID class with their college applications. This year's Seniors have already been working hard during AVID class in filling out lots of college applications. As you can see below, many have already received acceptance letters! There will be a lot more still to come in the near future.

Video of Class of 2023 College acceptances as of Oct. 11, 2022

Class of 23 college acceptances as of Oct. 2022