Inter's Third Grade Newsletter!

September 28th-October 2nd

This week in Singapore Math!

This week we are focusing on Chapter 6-Multiplication tables of 6,7,8,9. Students will know that many models, such as repeated addition, equal groups, and arrays, can be used to multiply. Students will use the Multiplication Properties, such as Commutative Property, Associative Propterty, Multiplication Property of Zero and Multiplication Property of One.

This week in Literacy by Design!

This week is the first week of Theme 4-How Does Electricity Work? Students will Synthesize-bring ideas together to make a new idea. The vocabulary for this week includes power, electricity, glistening, crackling, and automatic. For phonics and grammar we will be working on the ay, ai, ee, and ea sounds, like in the words rain, say, read, and speed. We will be working on Imperative and Exclamatory sentences. We ask that your child brings in a magazine next week for one of the literacy centers. Thank you for your cooperation with this!

This week in Social Studies and Science!

For this week, during Social Studies and Science students will be taking their Quarter 1 Exams. Please see the attachment for the schedule.

This week in Writing!

This week students are finishing the final draft of their Biographies and then presenting. We will then start Poetry, where students will read and create various poems.


*Children's Day will be Thursday, October 1st! OPAI will help celebrate by giving out snacks to the children. There will be no Tiendita on this day!

*Parent Teacher Conferences will be held Wednesday, October 14! Your section teacher will be emailing you information about Parent/Teacher Conferences.

*McDia Feliz will be held on Wednesday, October 7th! On this day, 100% of the proceeds from Big Macs sold help support the maintenance and functions of three Ronald McDonald houses, roughly 300 homes built through Techo, heart operations for children through Unicar and other programs fighting malnutrition with Vision Mundia. Each burger costs 25Q. Envelopes will be turned into the office by 2:30 on Friday, October 2nd. The burgers will be delivered to the classes on Wednesday, October 7th.

*Next Wednesday, September 30th will be a special Picnic Lunch. Please send a lunch with Picnic-like food for your child to eat, because the cafeteria will not be available to heat up lunches. Thank you for your cooperation with this!

*Please take a look at the attachment to view your child's Quarter 1 Exam Schedule!

* Character Day will be coming up the last week in October! Students will dress up as a character from a book that the classroom decides. Also, each section will decorate their door according to the book the class decides!