The Capital of Hawaii

The City of Honolulu

Where is the city of Honolulu located in relatioship to Louisville Kentucky?

Honolulu is located both south and west of Louisville Kentucky on the globe. It is the most southernmost and westernmost major United States city and is also the capital of Hawaii.

What region of the country is Honolulu in?

Honolulu is located in the North Pacific Ocean Region.

What is the common form of transportation in the city? Graph a showcase of how people get around.

The most common form of transportation in Honolulu for people on vacation is rental cars. The people who live there also typically use cars to get around. There is a lot of traffic in the city so sometimes people walk or use other forms of transportation like buses, bicycles, mopeds and scooters. To get from Honolulu to other Hawaiian Islands people use boats or hopper planes.

Mr. Murphy drives a Toyota Camry and the car holds 15 gallons of gas. The Campry averages 26 miles oer gallon and gas is $3.57 per gallon. What is the most cost efficient way to get from Louisville to Honolulu? How do you know? What is the cheapest airline ticket from Louisville to that city?

The cheapest way for Mr. Murphy to get from Louisville, Kentucky to Honolulu is to first drive to the airport, then catch a plane from the airport to Honolulu. It is approximately 22 miles from Kenwood Station Elementary School to the Louisville International Airport.
Mr. Murphy's car gets 26 miles per gallon. The cost of gas is $3.57 per gallon. Therefore it would cost about $3.00 in gas to get from school to the airport. The cheapest airline ticket is $859.20.

So the total cost to travel to Honolulu would be about $862.20.

I know flying is the fastest way because Honolulu is on an Island and looking at a globe it is too far to swim or take a boat to the island. Flying is faster.

What are the physical and human characteristics of the city? What makes Honolulu famous?

Physical Characteristics
  • beaches
  • bays
  • sand bars
  • capes
  • cliffs
  • craters
  • volcanoes
  • waterfalls
  • pineapple trees
  • palm trees
  • lakes
  • streams
  • swamps
  • valleys
  • forest
  • islands
  • springs
  • flowers-hibiscus
  • fish
  • green sea turtles
  • sea birds
  • hump back whales

Human Characteristics

  • airports
  • bridges
  • buildings
  • canals
  • churches
  • harbors
  • dams
  • houses
  • hospitals
  • parks
  • schools
  • hiking trails
  • pineapple fields
  • boats
  • zoo

What makes Honolulu famous?

USS Arizona Memorial

Pearl Harbor

Waikiki Beach

Diamond Head Volcano

Dole Pineapple Plantation

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

Wailua Falls

Manoa Falls

Obama is from Honolulu