Solar Water Heating and Cooling

By Adarsh Pulasseri, Abdullah Mohammed, and Neha Marneni

What is Solar Water Heating and Cooling?

AC and Heating systems in an Average home use a humongous amount of energy, due to the amount of times homeowners increase the heat of decrease the AC. Thankfully, as the world becomes more aware of the increasing energy consumption and releasing of greenhouse gases into the atmospheres. Solar Water heating and cooling works by solar panels heating up some water and that water going into the hot water tank, which then later uses the water to heat and cool.

Getting and Using a Solar Water Heater/Cooler.

Where and How to Buy a Solar Power Heater/Cooler

Know you want to buy a solar water Heater/Cooler but don't know where to find one? Well, try out the Cirrex Solar Water Heater, at heaters/residential/solar/. It costs about $1500-$2000 and can cut up to 70% of your energy consumption of heating. For a solar cooling system, you can get one at The best one I found was at The price would be about $100-$250. For further installation details go to