The Cost Of Parenthood

by: Olivia & Jasmin

Baby Clothing

-baby clothes are sized as: preemie, newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months,& 12 months

-1 piece outfits 5-7

-shirts 5-7

-leggings or pull-on pants 5-7

-out-layers 5

-hats and mittens

-socks and booties

-pajamas/sleepers 5-7

Tip: Buy baby clothes that are comfortable and easily changeable


Your baby will probably go through ten diapers a day

Wipes-have some sort of cloth that is clean

changing tables- have a designated place for diaper changes

Tip: Keep your hand on baby at all time when changing on elevated surface

Baby Gear

Baby carrier- make sure all strap and harnesses will support your baby

stroller- buy a baby seat that is going to be useful to you

car seat - a safe car seat is mandatory, baby seats have an expiration date

Tip: avoid wearing slings because these can cause injuries and suffocation

breastfeeding and bottle feeding

nursing/feeding pillow-can help you avoid strain on your body

breastfeeding accessories-used to help relieve pain on mother

burp cloth-6-12


formula- can be a substitution for breastfeeding

bottle brushes- 2

breast pump-a way to feed your baby without breastfeeding

breast milk bags- store breast milk in freezer

Tip-you should 4 ounce sized bottles and 8 ounce sized bottles for when your child begins to take more in


highchair-full sized highchair with a tray can make clean up easier


baby spoons-

Sippy cups 3-5

bibs 3-5

Tip: buy bowls with suction cups on the bottom to avoid food being spilled

baby soothers toys and entertainment

pacifiers- aren't necessities

bouncy seat-babies enjoy them and are safe

play mat/gym-entertainment for babies that aren't mobile yet

toys-rattles, musical, toys, and soft toys


Tip: you can use bouncy seats to develop leg muscles in your child


crib and mattresses-avoid drop side cribs because they cause deaths

bedding-3-5 fitted crib sheets water proof crib mattress pad

wearable blankets 2-3

swaddling blankets 2-3

Tip: do not put bumpers, pillows, or quilts in your babies crib for safety reasons


safety gates-

outlet covers

cupboard and drawer latches

toilet seat lock

baby monitors

Tip: you don't need the most expensive stuff to keep your baby safe


first aid kit-

bulb syringe

teething toys

digital thermometer

baby nail clippers

baby friendly laundry detergent

soft bristled baby brush

Tip: you can put teething toys in the refrigerator to soothe your babies mouth

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