By: Jayson Revell and Zoe Glover

What is an Earthquake

An earthquake is a geological event that happens due to the plates on the Earth's crust shifting and can cause massive damage and cost millions of dollars in damages.

What do Earthquakes do?

Earthquakes can activate dormant volcanos cause tsunamis, make mountains, volcanos, and faults. Earthquakes can also destroy cities, cause liquification and kill hundreds of people.

Where do Earthquakes Happen

Earthquakes most commonly happen near the edge of tectonic plates.

Fun facts about Earthquuakes

  • A seismograph is an tool used for recording the intensity and duration of an earthquake.
  • There are 20 plates along the surface of the earth.
  • A fault is an area of stress in the earth where tectonic plates slide past each other, causing a crack in the Earth’s surface.

1 minute building crash video from Nepal earthquake 25 April 2015

How to prepare for an Earthquake

  • Have an escape route planed
  • secure heavy objects that are on the walls
  • get away from tall buildings
  • take cover and put your arms over you head
  • Try to keep your group together

How to Help