4th of july

Party At The Encore Hotel

Come to our 4th of July party

In the 4th of July there will be a party in the Encore hotel in Las Vegas Nevada. To celebrate the United States independence there will be fireworks, Music and much more stuff.

Why We Set Off Fireworks "A Little Bit Of History"

The idea of using fireworks in the 4th of July was made by John Adams when the Dedclaration of Independence was signed. He always wanted a huge celebration of when the United States of America became independent. The whople tradition started in 1777 But back then they probably had a different type of fireworks.

John Adams

He is one of the only 2 people who signed the Declaration of Independence that later became the President of The United States followed after George Washington. Thanks to him we have a party. John Adams wanted to have a huge party every year. This party wa to conmemorate the Independence of the United States. Though the war hadn't even started that day we celebrate because it is the start of our independence. In short words, it is when the declaration was signed. He died the same day as Thomas Jefferson. The only difference between their death was 4 hours between each other. When Adams was told it was the 4th he clearly said, "This is a great day. This is a good day."

George Washington

Washington was the 1st president of the USA, He was also one of the 2 people who signed the Declaration of Independence and also became president. He was leader of war after the declaration was signed because it was signed befor the war. Without him the 4th of july wouldn't be celebrated. He lead the USA to victory and that is why we have the priviledge to celebrate th 4th. Washington had a short life. He died at 67. Even though it was a short life, it was a very important one. He didn't only lead us through independence. He lead us through our first years to become what we are today.