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Current Event

According to Merriam Webster a current event is defined as a: ": contemporary developments in local, national, or world affairs; also : the organized study of such developments."

"Current Events." Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 31 Oct. 2013. < events>.

Persuasion by the Media

Quite often events or causes are distorted in or by mass media in order to gain alliances or steer thoughts and ideas. The sensationalized information often creates an atmosphere of panic and or hysteria that drives ratings or viewer-ship for the media outlet.

It is our perception of the information presented that guides or understanding of the topic. In an effort to be better informed, people must go to trusted sources to get an unbiased accounting of the facts.

Gifford, Clive. Media & Communications. New York: Dorling Kindersley, 2000. Print.

Applicable Resources

  • Use the following resources to guide your search for your current event topic.

Books in Print Form


  1. Select your search technique (keyword or author are most common)
  2. Type in the search term, keep in mind you may get different results when making the term plural
  3. If searching by author use the following format: Last Name, First Name
  4. Once you have gathered a list of search results begin analyzing them
  5. You can click on the title to open a new page with detailed information including a summary, category of book (fiction, nonfiction, biography, e-book, or audio book), the call number, and its availability
  6. Locate a resource and use the call number to find the book on the shelf

Books in Electronic Format

The Clark Library provides e-book access using two different platforms.

Click here for the Frisco ISD ebook listing (limited to two checkouts with a limited number of copies)
  1. Log in using your student ID number
  2. Place book in your cart
  3. Download Overdrive to computer or the Overdrive App to your device
  4. Download the correct book for your device

Possible Current Event Topics

  1. Death Penalty
  2. Cyberbullying
  3. Disasters
  4. Criminal Profiling
  5. Trash
  6. Natural Disasters
  7. Smoking
  8. Home Schooling
  9. Education
  10. Police Brutality
  11. Population
  12. Testing
  13. Addiction
  14. Drugs
  15. Gangs
  16. Gun Control
  17. Teen Violence
  18. School Violence
  19. Teen Motherhood
  20. Single Parents
  21. Animal Rights
  22. Free Speech
  23. Privacy
  24. Censorship
  25. Medical Ethics
  26. Genetic Engineering
  27. Sexual Harassment
  28. Immigration
  29. Child Labor
  30. Natural Resources
  31. Energy
  32. Obesity
  33. Mental Health
  34. Health
  35. Crime
  36. Equal Rights
  37. Deportation
  38. Prison
  39. Terrorism
  40. Civil Rights

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