learning about the dutch culture

what I learned about the Dutch culture

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dutch foods

The Dutch main fast food is French fries. they also eat other thing like raw herring, sandwich, hardy deep brown bread rolls with Gouda cheese, rich potato dishes like huts pot.

the types of foods


dutch transport

in Holland to get around to places you can either use one of these. -public transport train -museum steam train -biking -taxi and-car

dutch games

in Holland shuffle-board is a really popular game everyone loves it even the kids. most of the time they play soccer the Dutch national team for soccer is the Netherlands.they also play other games like sjoelbak the kids love it.

Festivals and celebrations

One of the main celebrations in the dutch culture in called sinterklaas. in sinterklaas a bishop goes around the neatherlands giving gifts to the chidern on that day. the bishop has a colurful friend called peterand his horse called schimmel.

dutch clothing

the Dutch typical foot wear they wear is wood shoe they say that it is really comfortable
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houseing and where they live

the Dutch live in the Netherlands also in holland
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Dutch jobs

famous persinality

the Dutch has famous composers their names were Jacob obretch and jan pieterszoom. they were known all accross the europe
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Dutch and Frisian are the main language of the Netherlands. Dutch kids learn English French and German in school.


Dutch kids go to school at the age of 6 to 18. Kids under 4 don't to school. mental, physical, social disability go to a different primary and secondary school.