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How Much Water Are You Supposed to Drink?

A healthy person can drink about 48 cups of water a day. That's equal to tree gallons. 14 to 18 year old boys should drink 11 glasses, and girls should drink 8. A glass of water is usually 8 ounces.

What Does Water Do For You?

What Does Water Do For You?

Water is one of the most essential elements to your health. Water moistens your mouth, eyes, and nose. It also regulates your body temperature, protects organs and tissues, lubricates joints, and helps prevent constipation.

Media Influences

There are many different companies that advertise and sell their water. Companies such as: Smart Water and Aquafina advertise water and make it look very good and satisfying. "Say to the world 'Look at me, I'm thirsty'." This makes you feel thirsty and want Aquafina water.


You can talk to a doctor about your water intake. If that doesn't work you could talk to a friend, sports coach, or health teacher. You could ask them how much water they drink, what facts they know about how water benefits you, and the risks of not staying hydrated.

Healthy Effects

  • Regulates body temperature
  • Protects organs and issues
  • Lubricates joints
  • Prevents cancer of the colon, bladder, and breast cancer
  • Improves your muscle tone
  • Removes harmful toxins from the body

Detrimental Effects of Dehydration

  • More frequent muscle cramps
  • Water gets taken away from your joints
  • Less lubrication in your muscles and joints which means you have more friction that can cause joint damage
  • Less perspiration- less control over body temperature
  • Your nutrients don't get distributed to your body
  • More easily constipated
  • Higher risks of water retention

Advances in Water

  • Water Shortage- The process of removing salt from either sea water or ground water is often touted as one of the most effective ways of providing fresh supplies of clean drinking water or water for industry. It increases the amount of water that can be drunk. However, it can also be very energy intensive and costly.
  • Water Quality- Puralytics' photochemical water purification system is designed to purify water in a cost effective and greener way, removing the need for a filter and avoiding a problem of how to dispose of contaminants.