Mrs. Bailey's Brains

Fun in 3rd Grade!


Stress about a test? Not this group!! This amazing group of students worked so hard each day this week to do their best on their test!

Everyone in our class has A LOT to be proud of! They each demonstrated good attitudes, worked hard on each question and showed patience with a VERY long day!

I know they will be thrilled with their results!

Goal Setting

In preparation for our upcoming MAPS test, each student and I are meeting to discuss their GOALS for their MAP test. When we meet together, I am discussing what are good stratregies to use on certain portions of the tests.

For Example:

  • Rereading questions to make sure they know what is being asked
  • Using scratch paper for math work
  • Looking for clue words in questions or in passages that are important

We have discussed in great length that a goal is something we strive to accomplish but that if we don't, we should be able to look at our work and see we made improvements! Goals are constantly changing and they help us grow as learners! I want students to see the importance of setting goals but I don't want them to be stressed out by them ! This is a hard concept and learning point for many students!

We're going on a Geometry Hunt!

Right angles, parallel lines, polygons...these are only 3 of the many geometric shapes and objects we were in search of on our Geometry Scavenger Hunt today! We discovered clock hands make acute angles, speed bumps have parallel lines, steps have right angles and MUCH , MUCH more!

We will be showcasing our knowledge by creating lessons to share with others! We will be "teaching" in our creations so we will be recording our voices as we instruct others on the unique characteristics and properties of these geometric terms!

Focus on it Fridays!

Beginning in April, I will be hosting 1 or 2 sessions each Friday called "Focus on it Friday". The purpose of the sessions will be to review specific concepts or skills that are still causing difficulty for students. While these sessions are NOT required, I am inviting any student who wishes to attend! To help you plan, before your child leaves for Spring Break, they will be bringing home a calendar of the topics being covered each Friday. If your child would like extra practice and review on that topic, please plan to drop them off on that Friday! The flier/calendar being sent home will have specific times for each week.

In addition, if you feel that there is a particular skill not being reviewed on the calendar that you would like more help in, please ask! I am happy to see about scheduling a different time on a Friday to work with your student on that topic or skill!

Up and Coming Events

Thursday, March 28 - MAP testing - Language Usage

Friday, March 29 - No School for students

Monday - Friday, April 1 - 5 - Spring Break

Thursday, April 11 - MAP testing - Math

Thursday, April 18- MAP testing - Reading