Cattle Ranchers ♥ ♥ ♥

By: Keaira Ford ♥

Information About Cattle Ranchers ♥♥♥

Cattle Ranchers breeds cows and bulls, for a living. Mostly the jobs involves taking care of the animals you have all the time. Cattle Ranchers work on a farm and the Cattle Rancher must be responsible and to the things around him or her. They must keep a REALLY close on the cattle, and make sure the re-count to make sure they have the same amount and nothing got away. Running a cattle ranch is a demanding job. It's kind of rare for cattle rancher to open their farms at an early age.


Fun Facts About Cattle Ranchers And Ranchers ♥

  • 1. Cattle Ranching is like an old family traditional some family's do
  • 2. When ranching it involves horses, and lots and lots of cattle
  • 3. Having 1,000 acres of land is something you may want