Problems in Different Countries

Facts Of Italy

Italy has 61,680,122 million people in their country. Structures for the ages would be in the graph below also including the gender graph too. Life expectancy: 82.94 as of 2012. The population is distributed all throughout Italy. 68.4% live in Urban and the rest live in the cities, a lot of people live in Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo and Genoa, etc. The population has gone up over time by.3%. It is balanced by deaths and birth rates. The future population in Italy is going to reach 62.3 million by 2030 with an increase of 2.4% from 2015. Italy's food supply is going up slowly, but surely. The only problem they might have in the future would be not being able to produce fast enough. The concerns of Italy would be a lot of people are drinking, eating, smoking, high cholesterol, respiratory illness, lack of exercise. 1 in 10 of Italians are obese. 25% of the population suffer from high cholesterol. The problems Italy faces are a high unemployment rate (55%), a big number of students don't go to school (21%), low birth rate, high death rate, low economy issues, also not enough of young kids.

Afghanistan Facts

The current population is 31,822,848 million. The age and gender population would be in the graphs below. Life expectancy is 50.49. For male it is 49.17 and female is it 51.88. Most people live in urban by 23.5% and it will go up 4.41% each year. The future of the population will grow by 2.3%, hopefully it will grow each year and will keep growing. The food supply will stay the same, but will eventually go up just a tad. There are many problems including many diseases such as food or waterborne disease, vector bone disease, and animal contract disease (rabies), etc. This effects the population because more people are dying then being born. They are also being threatened by bombs and other dangerous things. They are being threatened mostly by there country, but other countries are trying to save them from these bombs. The most big thing that effecting the population is the diseases and all the war problems they have. Many innocent people are dying for no reason, & they do not have a lot of resources or medication so the population isn't that high.