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About Me

My name is Schuyler Coffman. I currently live in Kansas City. I like to read action/suspense books because you are always excited and surprised. I like "young people" books because I find them easier to understand and I like reading about kids and teens. When I was little, I liked reading a book called Not Very Often with my mom. The books I don't like are romance books, because the sappy love just keeps the story from going on, and makes me bored very quickly. When I don't like a book I don't pay much attention to it and my mind wanders because I'm more interested inn if penguins have knees than the actual story. This is quite annoying because my eyes still follow the words and I end up in a random place thinking, "What just happened?". I like adventure books because I can have my own mind's "Hollywood" version of the story, then when I watch the movie I usually go, "I thought he had brown hair", or "they left that part out, but added this part!".

Quote About Reading

"I read past my bedtime." I chose this quote as my greeting because when I read I usually can't put my book down and my mom has to make me go to bed. I love suspenseful books and can never wait to see what's on the next page.

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10 Things about me as a reader

1. I like action-packed books
2. Mysteries make me want to read longer
3. I never read in the morning
4. I always read at night, usually in bed
5. I read very fast, and finish books quickly
6. When I read I always lose my sense of hearing (sorry, mom)
7. I hate books with romance in them
8. I almost never end a book with negative thoughts about it
9. I can read in the dark easily, my eyes have trained themselves to do it
10. I read in 3 hour segments, usually on a rainy day

Interests and Favorites

My favorite type of book is action/adventure. My favorite book (by far) is The Maze Runner. I love that book because it perfectly combines action, mystery, and suspense, and gives just a perfect amount of each. When you wrote a book where you can't tell if it's in the future, present, or the past, you know you've done something right (spoilers, it's in the future). My favorite authors are James Dashner, Suzanne Collins, Rick Riordan, and Pittacus Lore. I spend most of my time reading their books, sequels, prequels, and sometimes even fanfictions. You can visit the author's websites below.

Reading Blog!

Recently I have been reading The Death Cure (The Maze Runner book 3) and I'm almost finished with it. It's a very exciting book, and I never know what twist is coming next. I also just started the book Spy School, a book I bought at our school's book fair. It's very interesting so far, and the action starts on exactly page 4. I like the book so far, the only thing I don't like about it is it's a little bit unrealistic. I just finished reading Crispin: Cross of Lead. It was a great book because I love the middle ages, knights, and stuff like that. I liked the mystery of it and how you find out later in the book there is a key detail that changes everything, it makes everything just "click" together and you understand it all. it was a very good book and I would recommend it to anyone, although a lot of the book centers around the Catholic religion, so if you don't like super religious books I don't recommend it.

Song about reading

I chose "Gotta Go Fast" because I like reading fast because I like reading fast so I can get to the good stuff faster.
Sonic X Theme Song (Opening) - Gotta Go Fast (Looped)
Roosevelt Readathon Flashmob 2013: "It's A Readathon!" (Gangnam Style)

Where to Find Your Next Book is a great place to find a book that suits you. You can create friends based on what they read and what you read, find out what your real life friends are reading, find new books, categories, and series. It recommends books based on what you have read, what your friends have read, move through categories to find your genre, and even do trivia, quizzes and other activities. You can visit Goodreads below, I recommend it!

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