2B Happenings!

Working hard and having fun in 2B!

Dear 2B Family,

What a phenomenal week! To all the chaperones, parents, grandparents, student ambassadors, and students who helped make this week work, THANK YOU! Our school is awesome because of the community that you are all building every day, so thank you!

You should see some emails coming through soon about Field Day and Career Day (both the last week of school). Please be on the lookout for those. May Crowning is next week Wednesday. Please check Mrs. Cottingham's library newsletter for book fair details - our shopping day was today, but the book fair will be open after school for a little bit each day. Tuesday is Groovy outfit day.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow at 10:30am at the students' First Holy Communion, and I wish all the Moms, and those acting as Moms in their students' lives, a very happy and blessed Mother's Day!

~Mrs. White

Spelling Assignment Details!!

Final Stable Syllables!

You can find the spelling assignment here.

I think students are getting the hang of the new format, I hope you are enjoying it as well as parents. We're working to build better connections, and teaching them how to spell and read words they come across that they may not know.

Assignment due Wednesday as usual! :)

This week in ELAR

This week as you can surely imagine was rather different with a day off, field trip, Mass practice, Grandparent's Day, art show, book fair, and more! However, we did manage to get some work done in there somewhere! :)

We read a story called The Wretched Stone, which is a fictional ship's log. We also played around with a new concept I've been exploring called mentor sentences. I am so excited with how that worked, and I'll be looking to continue that through the end of the year. What is most awesome to me is that it is a way of teaching grammar that informs their writing!! I was so impressed when they brought me their "imitation" sentences, complete with properly used commas, conjunctions and similes! Even better, the following day in a non-related assignment, a couple students used those same skills in their ship's log entry! :)

This week in Math

Subtraction regrouping is proving a bit more difficult than addition regrouping, but we're getting there! Same as addition regrouping, I want the students to understand what they're doing, not just apply a formula on a worksheet. That takes a bit more doing, but they're doing an amazing job. Your students impress me every day as they work hard to get concepts and use their resources to figure out answers. Please continue to encourage them to learn and memorize their math facts to 20 - as we move into these more involved problems, that knowledge bears much fruit!
SMG School Calendar Online

If you haven't checked the calendar in awhile, I'd encourage you to take a peek. LOTS of good info on there as we enter the busy month of May!

This week in Religion

This week in Religion we focused on practicing for First Communion, and we worked together to allay any concerns and answer any questions the students might have. We're as ready as we can be, and I can't wait for the students to receive tomorrow!!!

I'd also like to shout out to the students who assisted in the Mass this week - they did a phenomenal job!! Thank you!