Friday Flash Forward

Focusing on the Future - October 19th to 23rd


Monday, October 19th

  • B Day
  • 5:45 PM - SIT meeting - Hamlet Cafeteria

Tuesday, October 20th

  • A Day
  • 1:51 pm - CPT

Wednesday, October 21st

  • B Day
  • 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm - SMILE field trip to Roger Williams University
  • 1:51 pm - TDT
  • Tonya is presenting at the MassCue conference.

Thursday, October 22nd

  • A Day
  • Tonya is presenting at the MassCue conference.
Friday, October 23rd
  • A Day


October 30th to November 4th

  • Report Card Input
November 6th
  • Report Card Distribution

Calendar Events Wanted

Please email Tonya about all field trips, dances, and/or fundraiser dates so that they can be put on the school calendar on our school web site.

You've been booed!!!

Teachers' classrooms are being booed. Be sure you keep the chain reaction going.

Each teacher then boos two more teachers with treats for their classes. Please post up the poster showing that your room has already been booed.

Click here to print the poster and card.


The CCC has reserved November 14 from 8 am to 11 am for the annual winter clothing drive. We would appreciate any donations of new or gently used WINTER apparel such as boots, coats, mittens, hats, sweaters, long pants, etc in any and all sizes for males and females. Donations can be dropped off at Hamlet's or Villa Nova's main offices. Any questions, please contact Lisa DeSante in Hamlet or Mary Silva in Villa Nova.

Summer Reading Celebration - NAMES NEEDED

Please compile a list of all students who completed their summer reading and submit the list to Tonya in Villa Nova and Claire in Hamlet. Details about the celebration will be coming as soon as the prizes are on their way.

10 Tips for Crisis Prevention - from CPI training card

  1. Be empathic. - "I understand why you're upset."
  2. Clarify messages. - "She called you a name. That hurt. You hit her. Right?"
  3. Respect personal space. - "Is it OK to come into the room now?"
  4. Be aware of your body position - "Please sit down. I will sit over here. Let's talk."
  5. Ignore challenging questions. - "This isn't about who is in charge. It's time to finish your work."
  6. Permit verbal venting when possible. - "Thanks. Now that you're done swearing, maybe I can help."
  7. Set and enforce reasonable limits. - "If you take your meds now, you can join the group for free time. If you wait, free time will be over."
  8. Keep your nonverbal cues nonthreatening. - Monitor voice, expressions, gestures, and movements.
  9. Avoid overreacting. - "Is this better? You talk. I'll just listen."
  10. Use physical techniques only as a last resort. - Is anyone in imminent danger? Use planned intervention only by trained, competent staff.

CPI training is a great way to learn de-escalation techniques and what do to if you are in a situation where you and/or others are in imminent danger.

Email Roger Picard ( to join an initial CPI training if you have never attended or have lost your certification. It is well worth your time.

Solution Tree: Rebecca DuFour, 3 Big Ideas of a PLC

WMS Skyward Help Desk

New how-to videos have been added! Email Tonya questions or topics you would like a Screencast for. Chances are someone else has the same questions.

Click here for link to updated Skyward Screencast videos folder.

Advisory Idea of the Week

Topic #1:

Culture of Connectedness for Middle Schoolers

Essential Questions:

How can a make a deeper connection to my advisees?

How can I create a community for my advisees?

How can I better track the academic progress of my advisees?

How can I be a better problem solver for my advisees?

Create a Culture of Connectedness Article

If you have a topic/lesson you'd like to share, please email it to administration.

Fostering Grit - Part 4

You can copy and paste this into Word or a Google Doc to make a survey to give to your advisory students or all your students to start a conversation about their grit.

Student Grit Survey

Answering these questions can help you understand how much grit plays a role in your learning. 1 for strongly agree to 5 for strongly disagree.

  1. No matter how difficult a task is, I keep trying. _____
  2. I would rather practice something I do well than try to learn something new. _____
  3. I am often distracted when things are hard. _____
  4. Learning in school should be easy. _____
  5. I usually work harder than my classmates. _____
  6. It is important to me that I don't make mistakes. _____
  7. I would rather get a B in a new area of learning than an A on something I already know. _____
  8. Learning must be fun. _____
  9. It's OK if I make a mistake or two while learning. _____
  10. If something is difficulty, I am sure to devote extra time to it. _____

*adapted from Fostering Grit by Thomas R. Hoerr

Academic Language Learning Conference

RITELL is holding a conference for Academic Language Learning. The conference will focus on building academic vocabulary for ELLs but the strategies will benefit all students. The conference is on November 7 from 8:30-12:30 at Rhode Island College.

Click here to register.

It is important that you revisit these memos throughout the week. It is a living document and can be updated as needed.