4th Quarter Starts MONDAY!

Module 13 is open - don't delay!

INFORM: Test Corrections DUE!

Don't forget that ALL assignments for Module 12 must be submitted no later than March 20th - INCLUDING test corrections for Module 12.
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INSTRUCT: 4th Quarter and Time Management

Fourth quarter assignments - for Modules 13, 14, and the AP Review - will be scheduled differently than previously. Instead of individual due dates for assignments, you will have more flexibility to manage your own schedule. HOWEVER - important things to remember:

  • You are responsible to read the Learning Block post EVERY day - and to read email I send to you - even when you are on Spring Break.
  • However, I will not be tracking attendance using the Learning Block as I did during 3rd quarter.
  • Due dates are FINAL! You may finish items up to the due date - but no credit will be given for work submitted past the deadline.
  • I have inserted the schedule through early May below - and attached it to this Learning Block post. Read it - and PLAN AHEAD!
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CELEBRATE: A Brand New Start!

Monday is the first day of 4th Quarter in AP Psychology. Take a deep breath and get ready for the race to the end of the year! There is a lot left to do, but if you've been working hard, the rest is a piece of cake! Keep up the steady effort - and let's finish with a BANG!