7 Practices of Effective Ministry

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A Leadership Book

Stanley, A., Joiner, R., & Jones, L. (2004). 7 practices of effective ministry. Sisters, Oregon: Multnomah Publishers, Inc.
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"Your ministry (library) is perfectly designed to produce the results you are currently experiencing. If you are satisfied with those results, you don't need this book. If not, it's time for a change." - Andy Stanley

Baseball may be the answer to all of my leadership problems. (And I don't even really like baseball.)

1. Clarify the Win

2. Think Steps, Not Programs

3. Narrow the Focus

4. Teach Less for More

5. Listen to Outsiders

6. Replace Yourself

7. Work On It


7 Practices of Effective Ministry is a book written in two parts. The first part presents a parable about a preacher that is stressed out by all of the programs and initiatives being performed by his church and the fact that he feels like he is burning out. He meets a man at a baseball game who tells him about seven practices that will revolutionize the way his church is run. The second half of the book expands on each practice and demonstrates how they are applied at North Point Church. This is a book that can be applied to more than just the way a church is run though, the principles could easily by applied to any business (or library).


Lindsay Bucy