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Saturn, located 1.2 billion kilometers from earth is a marvelous sight, from it's beautiful rings of wonder to it's unique surface, Saturn is the place to be.
Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun, which means it has a very thick atmosphere that includes several different elements. Saturn is made up mainly of hydrogen, which it formed in the early stages of its formation. Most of the remaining composition is helium. Other elements, such as methane and ammonia, are found in smaller amounts, Nitrogen and oxygen are also mixed within the atmosphere.
From Saturn you could sit and watch as Uranus spins on it's axis , being 1.43 billion kilometers away from Saturn, watching it's mystically blue landscape drift by. While watching the beautiful geysers near Enceladus erupt. But you should know that the temperature's on Saturn could be any where form -270 degrees Fahrenheit to -168 degrees Celsius, so BUNDLE UP ! You may also enjoy hang gliding in the instense gusts of wind that occur on Saturn.
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Some facts about Saturn include:

- 31 moons

- Very strong storms (great for hang gliding)

- It takes 30 years to rotate at one time

- 29 years on Earth equal one year on Saturn

- Second largest planet in our Solar System

- It is the least dense planet

- 1,600 Saturn's could fit inside the sun

- Many of Saturn's moons are named after titans

- Has the largest moon in the solar system

- The mass of Saturn is 568.3E24 kg

- The first space craft to fly to Saturn was Pioneer 11, which blasted off in 1973 and arrived at Saturn in 1979 Voyagers 1 and 2 also completed trips to saturn.

- 4 groups of rings

The surface of Saturn constantly changes the density and temperature change the deeper into the planet you go, but Saturn can't be said to have a solidsurface