By Declan Sullivan


There is a boy named Declan, and he is in year eight. He has a disease called Asperger syndrome. It's not contageous and in fact it's not bad at all. It just makes you act differently. Declan says if you have Asperger, it can be quite hard to make friendships.

People with Asperger usaully get when they are born. Declan got it when he was born, but didn't know about it until he was around ages nine and ten. When he got he was very scared, he justed wanted to be normal like all the othe kids.

There are actually some good sides to Asperger. Declan loves to do art and draw on the computer. This is because Asperger can give people some really good skills, and can make you very smart, because when he got Asperger, he began to get good markes and Declan loves Geography.

Lucky for him he does have friends that understand him well, not like other kids at school that bully him. Hopefully for him he can do some really amazing stuff when he's older so he can use Asperger as a tool.