life's short

Warren Finlayson 4-5 period

Analysis of the development of theme

Freak knows he will have a short life. Freak has a really creative mind. He doesn't tell max that he is going to die because max would probably freak out. He knows he has a short life. He doesn't make a big deal about it. He does all he can while he lives. He becomes super smart and has fun. Life's short do all you can.

Reflection and Application of theme

I think this theme is appropriate for this book. The author developed the theme really well. Because he make freak do all he could. Freak read books he was super smart. He go ideas from the books and Freak and Max did those. Like quests and slaying dragons. This theme can be applied in our life's. Our life is short so do what Freak kind of does. Have fun, and learn all you can.



If you live life to the fullest you will be happier. A good example of this is Freak. Freak lived life to the fullest. They were in 9th grade. They lived by mill creek pond. Freak did all be could in life and he probably was happier when he died, because of all he did.