Texas Statehood

By: Walker

facts about texas

Texas became a state on december 29, 1845. people in texas wanted texas to become part of the united states. but people in the u.s did not want them because of slavery. but people in texas wnted it because texas was low on money from the alamo from buying wepons and if they went to the u.s they would have more money and be powerful like other states. AT the time james pinckeny henderson was governor at the time in texas and anson jones was presadent. Jones lowerd the flag so he was with the people of texas he wanted them to be a state with the u.s. most people in texas wanted it to be a state but only about 200 people did not.

over 4,000 people in texas wanted it to be a state and 200 wanted it to stay a republic

Texas becomes a state!!!


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