Course Update 1-31-14

Mr. Ricchezza's Earth Systems, Physical Science, and Geology

Grades are updated

Parents, the grades for your students have been updated, and where applicable, zeroes have been entered. A few very important notes for you about this:
  • Only students in the 18 and 16 week groups had a due date. The 14 week students didn't officially start until this Monday.
  • GaVS allowed an extension of the 1-31-14 deadline until 11:59pm on Tuesday, February 4. Because of this, I did not enter zeroes until today (2-5). This changes the normal schedule and because of this the automated Schoolcast calls may not accurately reflect your child's grade. To be sure, go and check!
  • My automated calls about grade concerns will go out tonight.
  • The weather extension was necessary for many students but we cannot end the semester any later than previously planned, so the new work (due 2-14 for the 18, 16, and 14 week groups) is still due on time on 2-14.
  • The late penalties have been changed for this week. Work submitted thru 2-4 was counted as on time. Work submitted on 2-5 will be penalized 10%. Work submitted on 2-6 will be penalized 20%. Work submitted on 2-7 will be penalized 30%. This refers only to work on the course schedule between 1-21 and 1-31.
  • No work from 1-21 thru 1-31 on the schedule will be accepted after 2-7 at 11:59pm.