The Holocaust


Question 1.

The torture only lasted so long. They became immune to it and quit feeling anything. Their relationship with other humans was much like the torture. Their only thoughts lingered to their next serving of soup. With each passing day they became skinner, weaker, and weary. They begged for mercy with their souls but they dare not anger the guards. They had to forget of the man next to them if they wanted to survive, so that they did. Their brother, their father, their son, their family was the only ones that mattered. For they had to stick together in hope that they may make it out of here alive.
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Suffering- What they were put through.

Survival- Why they suffered, in hopes of survival.

Human Greed- The reason this happened. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's wanted power.

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How it Affects Me as a Human Being

This was awakening and scary. It shows the worst part of humanity. It shows that if I am ever narrow-minded I can hurt a lot of people. I don't want to make anyone suffer. All men are created equally and I need to be aware of that. Mankind can be so loving sometimes, but we can also be filled with hatred, and I need to let my love overshadow the hatred.