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2015 Year-End Performance Management

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Corporate Services Year-End Performance Management

It is that time of year again!

Below contains IMPORTANT details of helping you prepare for this process. The 2015 performance management process will remain the same as the 2014 process.
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Corporate Services Roundtables

  • Roundtables for Corporate Services will take place in January/ February and will be attended by local function leads, global function leads and the local geography leadership team may also be present (dependent on level and type of roundtable). Attendance may vary by geography.

  • For those employees performing Global and Regional Roles, there will be a global corporate services roundtable with input from global, regional and local stake holders.

Roundtable Representation

  • For the year-end review process, your line manager gathers all of your feedback over the course of the year. These evaluations serve as input for the roundtable process. You can also have stakeholders provide supplemental feedback to your line manager prior to round tables.
  • The roundtables will be attended by all corporate services employees who have a direct report, location leads, and an independent chair representative.

Roundtable Structure

  • Individuals will be discussed level by level (beginning at lowest level) and move through each function.
  • A slide is presented when an individual is discussed that contains their relevant information and their Manager will discuss for 2 minutes their accomplishments, recommended ratings, and if they are being recommended for promotion.
  • After the Manager has finished speaking about his/her direct report, the floor is then opened for others to provide feedback and to either agree/disagree with the proposed rating.

Competency and Contribution Ratings

  • Competency ratings are based on how well an individual performs in their current position, in line with the Corporate Services structure.
  • Contribution ratings are determined by three factors: business performance factors (e.g. measurable cost or improvement process, management of projects to improve the way a function runs etc), involvement in additional activities (e.g. Community Groups, Assessment Centers etc) and how the role is performed (e.g. service orientation, teamwork, offering new ideas / innovations etc).
  • Compensation and bonus are based off of an individual's competency and contribution ratings. The weight of each rating on compensation and bonus may vary from geography to geography.

Please be sure to access our Corporate Services CiT page for the full competency frameworks.

Competency Assessment

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Contribution Assessment

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Promotion Discussions

  • Employees will have the opportunity for promotion by either moving into an existing higher level position or by changing/ expanding the scope of their current role.
  • The Coach/Manager recommends a promotion at Roundtable and opens the floor to discussion.
  • Corporate Services Promotion decisions will take place during the Roundtable.

Promotion Consideration

Promotion nominations are considered where an individual’s role has changed or expanded to allow them to perform and have responsibilities at the level above, where there is a business need and where the individual is performing at the required level.

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Actions to be taken by you:

In order to prepare for the year-end process, please ensure that:

  • You have completed your self-reflection in CiT
  • You have requested & followed up on Supplemental Feedback for contribution activities
  • Line Managers: complete corporate services appraisal forms in CiT for all individuals that you manage

Additionally, please start to meet with your Manager in order to prepare them to represent you at Roundtables.

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