Alien For Rent


Book review by Emily & Vicky

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The characters from the book Alien For Rent are Lexie who is nice, smart, courious, prepared, and a leader. J.P. who is courious, nice, doesn't like germs, sweet, smart, a leader

& prepared.Bruce who is a bully, not a leader, prepared to be a bully. Bork who is an alien,

talks wiered and leaves out words in scentences, kind & powerful and turns people into babys.

Setting (were the story takes place)

In school and hallway, cafiteria, stage, playground, nurces office and bathroom.

Details(write everything you know about the setting)

The stage has a micorphone.The nurces office has beds. The nuces offices bathroom has a

sink,touillet,touillet paper roll, dryer and papertowles & soap.


Bork turns Bruce into a baby.And they cant get Bruce back to them so they can turn him back to normal.

Attempts to Solve the Problem

They kept trying to find Bork. But they couldent find Bork or Bruce.So they went to the ball cort and there Bruce was. They couldent catch him.


They went to the playground and found Bork in a bush. They brung Bork to the cafiteria. On the stage they found Bruce. J.P. and Lexie said "Quick Bork, turn Bruce back into a fith

grade bully now" so Bork turned him back and it was all back to normal!