Together is Better

Together is better

Together is better because if you pass the ball to people on your team they will like you and they will not call you names. Sometimes your team will turn on you on and join another team. Let's say if you play with the Falcons and Matt Ryan just runs the ball all the time. Everybody is open and he never passes the ball. He can make a touchdown, and then somtimes your fans will turn on you and call you a ball hog. Some fans might not come to your games ever again. Let's say you play soccer and you are the very best. You should still pass the ball. For example, Messy he is the best on Barcelona but he still passes the ball, just like a boy in my class name Jonathan. Derek, Huber , Victor, Eric, and Antonio work together to pass the ball and then they win more games. I am tring to say if you play as a team, you can win more games.
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