Pardoner Mugged!

No suspects found

Muggers take Pardoners Money

Last night a pardoner was mugged by a unknown group. His name is David and lives in southwark, United Kingdom. Nobody saw or heard anything that could give any clues to who is responsible for this crime. One local says that the pardoner has been using holy relics to get people to give him money.

Pardoner Interview

Pardoner says "I will find out who did this and get my revenge". Also said that the muggers were wearing all black clothing. As of right now the police has no suspects and have no clues. If you want to visit David he is in the southwark hospital.


Wednesday, March 18th, 6-7:30pm

27 Tooley Street

This is for anybody that would like to pay David a visit.

Southwark Police Department

If you hear anything about this crime call the police immediately.